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At school, most of us have never learnt many things that are extremely useful in life. For instance, how to communicate, resolve conflicts respectfully, or successfully provide leadership to people.
I offer you training courses to all those and many more topics, which are excellent due to their simple procedures and immediately applicable approaches. The share of practically relevant exercises, scenarios, and tasks in my workshops is above average. You can immediately try out what you have just heard or read to see how it works for you personally.

After all, Confucius already knew: "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

I offer you:

  • an unambiguous definition of the GOAL of a certain measure;
  • the development of a successful CONCEPT
  • professional APPLICATION

Examples of my workshops are:


  • Important leadership models and theories
  • Personal leadership behaviour analysis
  • Delegation as the most important element of contemporary management
  • Motivation, recognition, appreciation
  • Clear, understandable and comprehensive definition of goals
  • Professional and effective execution of conversations with employees
  • Criticism meeting – the successful change of an employee’s behaviour


  • Theoretical and practical foundations of communication
  • Communication and personality
  • Knowing and identifying communication styles
  • Setting up a relationship level
  • Conscious listening
  • How to constructively defend interests by means of arguments
  • Managing conversations through questions

Team building:

  • Understanding structures and behaviour patterns in the team
    Roles and responsibilities within the team – Belbin’s model
  • Team building processes
  • Identifying and resolving obstructions
  • Open and honest communication
  • Creating a platform for effective cooperation
  • Possible integration of outdoor methods

Performance management:

  • Managing changes and optimization of performance
  • Situational leadership model
  • Competences for situational leadership skills
  • Method development level
  • Reinforcing competences and motivation of employees
  • Leadership behaviour with the focus on tasks and people
  • Leadership styles and their adaptation to different situations
  • Coaching leadership skills
  • Situational leadership: conflict resolution strategies, successfully making agreements on goals

Conflict management:

  • Identifying and understanding conflicts
  • Types of conflicts in an organization
  • Assessment of conflict situations
  • Preparation of a conflict meeting
  • Conflicts as opportunities and the basis for innovation
  • Conflict resolution and management techniques
  • Tools for reducing the stress level in conflict situations
  • Psychological background of anger
  • Treating “difficult” people and staying in control of the situation

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