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I pride myself on my years of experience in the international business community in the fields of Change Management & Quality Improvement, and I have conducted numerous relevant projects in various countries. Together with local management teams I have succeeded in increasing performance values, such as customer satisfaction and conversion rate, and reducing costs.

In cooperation with your leading team members I aim to develop strategies for change, I support the root cause analysis process if the quality and performance drop, and provide advice in order to reach harmony between suitable actions and initiatives.

Performance Improvement Management:
Changes are often challenging – for individuals, small teams, or even the whole company. Humans are used to living by their habits, therefore changes are often perceived as insecure, risky, even dangerous for the future in some cases. That is why the ability to adapt to changed situations is part of the most important success factors of a company.

During a change management process, it is all about including managing personnel and employees in the process from the beginning onwards, about open communication, and about understanding the actual and perceived effects on individuals. This is also the foundation for developing new visions and setting new goals.

My services include, among others:

  • measures for including employees
  • support in the establishment of an open communication structure
  • process management and the execution of optimization workshops
  • support for the management personnel during crises and conflicts
  • training courses and individual workshops, including coaching for developing leadership skills

Change Management:

Companies will continually improve their performance. That is the only way to master the challenges of the ever-changing business world, and to achieve a sustainable competitive edge. Together with you, I will create custom-made solutions to measurably enhance your company’s performance.

My services include, among others:

  • Testing internal management skills – which leadership principles are followed
  • Clarification of the actual state: how transparent performance agreements are concluded, the way goals are aimed at, to what extent your information exchange supports or impedes the achievement of your goals
  • Organization of performance management – how improvement of performance is planned
  • Support for management personnel during crises and conflicts
  • Execution of performance improvement workshops on the basis of the DMAIC methodology by Six Sigma
  • Individual workshops, including coaching for developing leadership skills

I will gladly provide examples of successful projects in a personal conversation with you.




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