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Coaching means professional support and efficient assistance to focus your efforts on problems, difficult decisions, and goals. In the course of individual services and private workshops you will be encouraged to reflect on your behaviour, and to address your actual desires and needs.

During coaching sessions, I give you the courage to kiss old pattern goodbye and try out something new. I am certain that a human being can be happy and content if they know what they would like to do, and also do it.


Business coaching focuses on process work that is important for success in your career. Only those who know their goals, and consequently work towards making them come true, can achieve lasting success. When analysing your professional challenges, we also look into relevant aspects of your private life if necessary. Only if we assess your situation holistically, we can develop long-term effective solutions and perspectives that will meet your competences, characteristics and values.

Let me accompany you:

  • in solving crises and conflicts
  • in planning your career
  • in answering the question: What potentials do I possess and what do I want to do?
  • in clearing up the fear of failure and tests, etc.
  • during times of change (job change, promotion, resignation, starting your first job)
  • during overload or underload (burnout)
  • in finding your own work/life balance
  • in clearing up communication problems
  • as a conversational partner who fully understands you

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching focuses on you and your personal development. We will find out what bothers you, what you wish for, and how you can transform your wishes into clear, achievable goals. You will try to reach the core of the issues and try out new approaches, and I will have your backing during this process. Through a systematic approach I will support you during your planning phase, and will provide you with the tools to help you achieve your goals and find a higher degree of pleasure in your life.

Let me accompany you:

  • in solving internal and external disputes
  • in enhancing your quality of life
  • in sorting out your thoughts and basing actions on them
  • in handling your fears
  • in clearing up relationship problems
  • during the time of personal change
  • in searching for new challenges

Team Coaching
Team coaching works with the competences and resources of all the team members. Individual team members are assisted in identifying, and resolving existing conflicts in due time as parts of the team AND as individual persons. Team goals are defined in a clear manner for everyone, as well as developed into actions that are achievable. Since everyone works on themselves the aimed changes are sustainable. Furthermore, the developed path of action can be transferred to future challenges.

Let me accompany you, and your team:

  • during the phases of restructuring or revamping
  • in successfully tackling changes
  • in solving conflicts
  • during drops in turnover without identifiable triggers
  • in supporting solidarity
  • in enhancing the competences of individual team members




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