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In A Nutshell:
Melanie Kaiser, born in 1972 in Issum, Psychology-Studied at Ruhruniversität Bochum, living in Berlin since 1998, Management experience in Bank-, Insurance- und IT-Branche, Focus: Sales, Performance & Change Management, Customer Satisfaction, Leadership Consulting & Development , certified Coach & Management Trainer.

Theory & Experience
As Coach and Trainer I combine the knowledge of Psychology study and my Coach-Education with the knowhow and the practical experience as a Manager - a perfect match!
I understand the change pocess and the logic of conflicts not only on a theoretical level but have managed both successfully in my day to day business. I know that it is difficult to espouse practice and theory, and in reality the perfect plan can change within minutes. I have learnt to deal openly with changes, to be very flexible around it, to understand people and their motives, to motivate others, to get to the point, and to be focused on finding solutions.
I link all this to a training, coaching and management approach that is successful and at the same time fun.

Methodologies & Approach
People respond differently to challenges or problems. Therefore I prefer a combination of different proven coaching methods including NLP, systemic coaching, inner team & communication model by Friedemann Schulz von Thun.
We know from experience that we learn best by using different learning methodologies. The more intense we practice and exercise the better we remember what we have learned. Therefore, my trainings contain a huge amount of activities (real-life scenarios, discussions and role plays).
Such an approach, in combination with a good intuition for people and situation assessment abilities, allows me to manage and vary the training and coaching process with the greatest flexibility. In the course of my work, I therefore manage to find an optimal balance between ratio and intuition.

People & Passion
I encourage my clients and participants to realize their talents, and I empower them to exploit their potential to the fullest.
I strive to give everyone an opportunity to be themselves and to become what is in their power to become. I empower everyone to find what they have been longing for. And it is my passion to support and collaborate in that process.

What else?
I am an inquisitive, empathetic, enthusiastic, analytical and very honest person. Those who know me better also know that I will not give up before reaching my goals.

Personal contact tells more than a thousand websites. Simply call me or send me an e-mail.




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